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I love how you wrapped up this very good story. Jesus built a bridge with, as the gospel song goes: "only three nails and two pieces of wood."
Very powerful. I went from giggles to gasps to joy. Masterful.
Your story is engaging, and is a wonderful reminder that we are the tools of the Bridge Builder, not he our tool.
I love it, love it, love it! Your "voice" just sparkles, in an oh-so-true-to-life, absolutely artless style. Delightful, tongue-in-cheek humor, perfectly developed story, intensely satisfying ending that frames His beauty. Bravo!
This story is excellent on so many levels, but, most of all, for the way you wrapped the message in a story.
Wonderful story! I truly appreciate how you brought the value of the older gentleman on that visitation call. The wisdom and experience of the aged are often a forgotten resource in our society. God uses people of all ages!
Wow, this was phenomenal...
Congrats, Tim. I loved this.
Congratulations on third place. You deserve it. One thing that could have made this story even better is to maybe have put Find a bridge in italics to make it stand out...Nevertheless, the story was great and the lesson greater. I love the way you labelled the people according to their personalities--Dust, Dirt and Mr. & Mrs. Nice!...Helen
Well, I can see why you are on the masters level, this was definitely a masterpiece. Good job Tim, I've been where your MC sat, and struggled to find a bridge. You captured it well.
Ah, sometimes that bridge is hard to find, and sometimes it's right there. Good entry.
"Next time Ill remember who is already there. The Bridge Builder." Amen! A great piece! Congratulations!

Very, very good. Congratulations!
A wonderful piece, Tim. I loved the voice and characterisation; the beautiful and profound realisation the narrator has about the bridge. You deserve this win! :D
Nice illustration of how we get so caught up in our own roles we sometimes forget who is truly in charge!
Clever, and real..thanks.
Well done and God Bless.
Wonderfully written story, Tim. I was captivated. Congrats on you placing!