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I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that check—sure sounds like a tall tale to me! Great creativity.
Hehe. Loved this read - great job with the voice. All fun!
This was fun, creative, descriptive and held my interest all the way through. Since I've only met one other person in my entire life with the name Charla, I found that interesting too. Thanks for this light-hearted piece.
You are a master of comedy. This was a delightful read.
wow, you managed to take a simple letter and make it masterful writing. Not to mention extremely entertaining.
This is hilarious! The descriptions are so vivid I felt I was watching it unfold. Great voice in the piece, too.
Ha! I needed this. Very entertaining and well presented. God bless.
Dear Mr. Flannery,

Your claim has been approved and the colorfully written details are being framed to hang on my wall.


Joseph R. Windstrom,
Fast Money Insurance, Claims Department

As always, you make me laugh.
Haha.. awesome story.. and I love William's comment! Very fun and well written.
Well, for one, I didn't see the typo, and for two ... I loved your folk tale style. Perfect Betty - it was perfect! Jan should be able to use this!
Haha! This was a wonderful read, very funny!
Very creative ... wonderful read :-)
You did it again, dearheart! You're so good and I'm green with envy. Everything you write is a masterpiece and this is no exception. You manage to keep me glued to everything you write.

That will be $5, please! **grin""
Being a sucker for good humor entries, yours always seem to appeal to me. Thank you for the laugh. This was fun!
Hahahahaha, thanks for the laugh. This was one great read. :)
This was too funny, and I believe there is some truth to it.
There isn't much i can add to what's already been said.

I really enjoyed this, thanks.
BettyDee, only you could have written something like this. It is dripping with your style. I love it!
"By that time I was as mad as a soaped-up cat, so I grabbed Buzz’s collar and asked him what he was going to do about my broke bridge. He said he was moved by the Holy Spirit and he couldn’t be responsible."

This little paragraph just made me laugh! I so enjoyed reading this, Betty-what a host of characters you created in this one-I'd like to read a whole book about this town!
I'm so happy for your win and so proud of you. You are a wonderful humorist!
Woo Whoo Betty! Congratulations on your winning entry! I told you I really liked this one! lol
Oh, my, I'm still laughing. I loved everything about this. Congrats on on your 1st place EC win. It is well deserved.
This was HILARIOUS! What an awesome read and well deserving of the big win. Congratulations!
Congratulations on your first place win...Great job...Helen
Ha, this is hilarious! Hope the guy in anaphylactic shock recovered ok. ;-) Congrats on your win!
I was thrilled to see this in first place. Congratulations!
OOOH! I needed a good laugh this afternoon! I'm so glad this won! Yippee! Yahoo!! Congratulations!!!
Congratulations on your win! Very imaginative.
What an awesome piece! I can certainly see how you got 1st place! Love these characters!