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Absolutely evocative and incredible descriptions. I was absolutely taken away with you. I felt this in every fiber of my being. Just masterful. Wow.
Quiet, restrained emotions, beautifully written, beautifully expressed.
Your story of redemption holds an awesome emotional appeal.
Oh Bill, it's so good to read your work again. Thanks for this journey into the reality of emotions and into the reality that God is there. It's been awhile huh my friend?
The dream at the beginning is a powerful image and makes the redemption of the piece all the more powerful. Thanks for writiing through the pain.
This writing is as good as it gets. The incredible emotional drama holds this reader spellbound. Whenever I encounter writing like this, I have to re-read it in bite-size chunks, relishing how words can have such impact when handled by a master communicator. You have a magical gift, SirWilliam.
Wow... amazing. I want to write this and then go read it again.

My favorite lines were...

"The next morning, in the quietness of my bedroom, I had an epiphany, an awakening, a visitation of grace. It was like somebody rolled a huge stone away from my window and this bright light rushed in like a spring mountain stream. And there was this voice."

Very well written, riveting story.
William, you're so good. Everything you write is so well done that it keeps me wanting more. You have been such an encouragement to me (several months ago critiquing a piece for me that was so helpful)and I appreciated the kind comment you made on my entry this time, too. What a blessing you and your writings are!
Sir William is back and in full force! What can I say? This piece left me speechless. I as completely pulled into this story. I could almost picture it as being a film noire type story even though it wasn't. I could see it all happening in black and white with the MC narrating his thoughts and feelings on the bridge.

Awesome! Simply awesome!
You would do very well writing detective stories...give Spillane a run for his money. It was a little rushed in the end (as most good ones are to stay under the limit). An emotional rollercoaster, yet calmly presented...Does that make sense? Very well done.
Wow. I have not felt emotion this deep in a long time. Crying. Goosebumps. wow.
I honestly want to comment, but I just don't know what to say. Powerful? Overused. Brilliant? Too cliche. Great writing? Not strong enough for this piece.
Five stars from me.
Spell binding story. A true masterpiece full of suspense to the end. I am sure you will place high. You truly belong in Masters...Helen
I really don't think there is any more to be added to the comments already made. I was totally pulled int this. I wasn't ready for it to end.
I agree with the others. I was there, in the scene, and sensing the reality of the emotions felt.
Sir William, it is so good to be reading your entries again, and this one was spellbindingly brilliant; gave me goosebumps. One of the absolute best I've read this week.
Lovely, bittersweet tribute and prayer to a lost love. Very well written and described. Touching.
Sir William, you did an aweome job of writing this piece! What a refreshing message of hope in the midst of darkness and pain. Well done my friend, well done.
I, too, wish I had better words to write here. I'll have to come back and read this again, because there's too much in it to grasp it all at the first go. Compellingly done.