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I would like to borrow that excuse sometime. Creative take on the topic, and nicely written.
No 'lovely' excuses for me, either. Just my brain as it is. Great last line!
Interesting story and a terrific final line.
Oh...that happens to me...but my excuse is that there just isn't anymore room to fit stuff.
Thanks for the smile.
Oh, this is sooooo good. I think I'll blame my problem on let me see hang on, I'll think of something eventually! Excellent.

Thanks for an excuse for my wandering mind. I enjoyed your story.
Conngratulations, Sally on your EC Placement. And now, you have both your heart and brain to "blame" for this great i can see it was written with the help of both. Loren
And I can blame ADD... Congratulation on a terrific entry and a deserving 2nd place EC!
My Chronic Fatigue salutes your holy brain! You have summed up my existence in a few very succint words...sigh.

Most delightful and enjoyable! Thanks!
Congrats Sally, this was a very engaging, heartfelt, sadly humorous read and a well deserved EC. I was going to say more but I can't remember...maybe I need an MRI. Congrats again!