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How did you get inside my head? Such familiar distractions and internal dialogue. Well done.
**Ow**...the last stanza is the clincher.
"Oh yes, Father, and if it be Your will,
This is my most repeated daily prayer.
Help my students listen and be still.
Theyre all ADHD I do declare!"
Good rhythm and rhyme. Well done!
Oh true. And then the convicting. Well done.
Convicted. This made me laugh because it's a bit close to home. I think I might need to print this one out.
Ouch, that hurts, please don't hit me again (on second thought, go ahead, I need all the help I can get to avoid all you described so well).

Good work.
OUCH! That hits so close to home!
Thank you, I was afraid I was the only one who's prayer time is far too often just like this. You did hit home.
I must say reading this was like reading a page out of my own journal. I'm glad to see I'm not alone in trying to calm this chasing mind. Wonderful job with the topic and the presentation.
Wonderfully written--amazingly convicting
Great job capturing emotions and with humor. Perfect title, too. Excellent writing.