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Hee, Hee... she sounds like a victim of self-diagnosed ADD. The last line seemed unnecessary. I liked the one before it better.
Thanks for the smiles!
I like the bit of irony at the end. This was well done, engaging, and fun. Great one for this week's topic.
Loved the humour in this piece... great read.
This was a hoot! I loved it when the lady "testified" against her, or I suppose on her behalf, lol. Loved it!
This sounds like something I would do, and I can NEVER remember where I parked the car, I do good to remember which store at the mall I parked near.
Too cute! Well done.
Kristen, this is CUTE! I giggled at the ending. Kudos.
Great story Kristen, oh how I felt for her, the poor girl. I know exactly how she felt! I parked at the airport and when I returned 3 days later, I could not remember where I had parked the car. It took me two hours to find it too.

I had to giggle at this, it is so real. Well done!

A very well-written and interesting story. I can feel what is going on inside the MC, and I believe many of us must have felt this way at one time or other before, with our minds far away while in a meeting, in a church service, or some place else. I particularly like the way you ended the story with a sense of humor.
Delightful mc here. I loved the question she asked the judge and her assessment of lack of suffering, then the irony of the results of her failure to concentrate.
Oh, so funny! Wish I could say I don't relate, but unfortunately...
This is so natural and real. Very well done.
Excellent, and right to the point. I was called to jury duty once. I rather enjoyed it, but then, I wasn't worried about some important other engagement...But I could certainly relate to the questioning you went through. For some strange reason I was picked. Guess I wasn't as smart as you...Great job on this challenge...Helen
This was great![lol] I can relate to the courtroom drama. When the MC says "Do I have to pay attention?" I loved it. I find my wandering so often thinking about the next article I will write, how I can improve or maybe which way my living room will look the largest...

Thank you for the day-brightener.