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This was fun!
Ha..Ha.. I'll have to remember this game the next time we have a road trip!
Loved the distracted thoughts.
Thank you for the smiles.
a fascinating insight into the female psyche. Very enjoyable.
I wasn't too sure though about your title - might not an alliterative heading have worked better?
LOL. This was fun all the way through. Terrific MC voice. I especially enjoyed the opening dialogue about the sand and sagebrush. I did get one unexpected laugh. I kept waiting for someone to repeat "Are you in honey?" until I realized that there was a missing comma. Maybe your MC hits a little close to home. ;-D
Very entertaining! I think it would be helpful to italicize the internal dialogue. Otherwise, I so enjoyed this delightful distraction!
Very enjoyable read.
Ha, this is cute ;) I can't see how the mom manages to recall all the words since she is thinking so hard about other things at the same time...pretty talented!
I love how this mom can hold her own amid so many males. Great read.
This was both fun and cute and something I will have to remember on those long road trips with the family.
Cute! A bit hard to follow, but then I've never heard of that game. Thankfully I don't have to know it. I wouldn't be able to concentrate long enough to remember all the alliteration...A fun read, though. Had to look up the meaning of Voila, as I couldn't see how it fit in. But since it means " there you have it," I guess it does.
An enjoyable read. I loved the game and completely understand the jumps in thought--it's how my brain works too!
I loved the jumps in thought ... that was the point!This was so like your writing. Humorous, with little touches of sadness. ( the crosses)I enjoyed this all the way through and didn't want it to end.Of course there are only so many alliterations!
Loved it!
Way to go Sheri. Glad to see you placed with this fun, informative piece. Loren
Sheri, you rock! This has a terrific voice, and it really appeals to the games-player in me...wonderful writing style in a piece with several levels. A well-deserved win!
How fun and creative! I could relate to roving mind of this mc. Great job that deserved this EC win.
No doubt this story created many smiles. Enjoyable read from start to finish! If I can remember all these things I am going to use them on my family...I'll just write them down. Congrats on the EC.
How fun--I love car games to help kids from being bored. Congrats on your EC placing.