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*sigh* You painted a horrible picture, as it was! We should never forget it.
I wish I could have understood the German, but the feeling was there.
The ending was perfect.
Thank you for writing this.
The ending is great. A powerful glimpse of peace in the terrible place.
From the first word of this piece, I literally could not stop reading. The message of hope in such a dark place makes it well worth the read. Very well done.
Oh my. Excellent writing. I felt as if I were there. I experienced it all. It makes me wonder if I would be able to stand up for my God if I had to like this man. I know He would give me strength to do it. Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece.
Wonderful writing and an "out-of-the-box" take on subject. Well done.
Chilling! But I couldn't stop reading. I like the ending, but would also like to know the rest of the story.
Very well written. A scary story, I considered this direction for the topic, but I knew I couldn't pull it off, you did.
Two things, among many, struck me about this remarkable piece. One is that I knew the MC would live because he was telling the story, but I wanted to see how he was able to survive. The other, was that you were able to show the gurad had a "heart" in that he was using broken English, was asking questions and of course, in the end picked up the wooden cross. Great writing and story telling.
You have a masterpiece here.
Your writing is so good. I love how you grabbed my attention from the title to the last word. Well done my friend, well done.