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I like this and can really relate to it, not the GPS part, but the getting lost part! Great job. I felt lost right along with the two girls!
I could feel their fear, and you NAILED the banter in the beginning. I think they learned their lesson. I was definitely engaged.
I got a bit nervous when they were going the wrong way. Great last line.
Hehe, I've been lost so many times my mom finally bought me a GPS. I knew right what your story would be about from the title! LOL Great story.
I wonder what they'll tell their dad. Hmmm...chapter two, maybe? Nice job.
Something tells me Dad was a lot smarter than the girls, and knew exactly what the girls would do and set the GPS to "Home". Great conversation between the sisters. My heart started beating faster for a moment when they were driving the wrong way. Well written, good story.
A good story, been there, done that! I liked the banter between the girls.
This was a fun story. Sounds like they should have started "concentrating" much sooner!
I was chuckling with the "recalculating" since that's a very familiar sound in our car. I was lost with the girls; that was too familiar, also! Your story does a good job of showing a lesson learned.
Like the girls' banter. A GPS is handy when it works. Excellent job.
Your descriptions of the GPS system giving directions was spot on. I really enjoyed this story. Thank you for sharing.