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What a wonderful testimony of your mother...It so brings memories of my mother, too. Both these mothers will be out there to greet us when we reach the other side...I love the way you wove the theme in with the story. What better can we do but "think" or concentrate on God and His Salvation. If we think on things that are true, good, etc., as it instructs in the verse you used, we will never lose our concentration on the Lord...I love your style of poetry and recognize the poet...Lots of love and prayers...Helen
07/31/08 sad and beautiful, mixed together. You painted such a tender scene, full of love for your mother and the Lord.
Thank you for writing this.
I liked this and the way your point came across. I saw a loving, caring daughter giving her mom strength and hope when she needed it most. And of course the daughter drew her strength from the Lord, knowing her mom was at peace now. Good job.
This was lovely. What an encourement for anyone who might be discouraged, or for others who need to be an encourager. Nice job.
Beautiful. Simply beautiful.
Beautiful message--concentrating on Jesus leaves no room for Satan. I like the meter on this one too.
Wonderful message that we can all profit from. "Infirm" rather than "infirmed" — just one of those nit-picky things. Nicely done.
Touching and precious. I watched my own mother become frail in her final days, too. This is a wonderfully done poem with a great message of hope and faith.
So beautifully written. Touching scene between mother and daughter and very uplifting message.
What a wonderful message woven through this story-poem! Be prepared to meet the accuser with praise to the Lord, keeping our eyes on Jesus; and the enemy cannot stand to hang around! Such a blessing we can share with the vulnerable around us. This is so well done, I wish I'd written it myself. (^&^) I hope when the author is revealed, I can share this with others in need.
A lovely tribute to your mother and he faith. It is so hard to watch a loved one suffer like this. Praise God she could rejoice in her Saviour to the end.
Beautifully written Mariane!
This was the first verse that came to my mind for this week's topic, and you showed it so beautifully. I remember how Satan threw his darts at my own dear Christian mother in her last days of weakness. Thanks be to our wonderful Lord who gives the victory. Your love for your mother and your confidence in the Lord, as well as hers for you and Him, are depicted wonderfully in your lovely poem.
This is one of my all time favorite Bible verses; and, when I see it being used to express truths as you have done in this wonderful poem, I know why I hold it so dear.
Your work is so good!