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08/01/08 sad. I liked the double "concentration". One of him watching the doors and the other of him concentrating on his grief.
Hopefully, we'll learn the lesson of paying attention to our children.
Well written. Thank you for writing this.
A double tragedy of a family lost and a life wasted. Very well protrayed.
It held me from beginning to end. As a regular nursing home visitor, I love to read and write about those who inhabit those halls. Super job.
This was fabulous...
Very sad, but with a touching message.
How many "I should have's" do we have in our lives. I pray I will be able to move on, and not get stuck.

Thank you for this reminder of how short life is.
Captivating story that builds to a sad climax with an excellent message. Well done.
A wonderful story. It kept me glued to the edge of my chair all the way through.
This was spooky! Good story, with a sad plot, only too familiar with some people, who "Should of...listenened, paid attention, loved a bit more, shared, etc."...Helen
Very sad story, but beautifully written. Great job with the emotion. Well done.
Your story reminds me of how much I wish I had a gift for writing wonderful stories like this.
Mesmerizing and moving. A very evocative piece. Nicely done.
I liked this very much. Touchingly simple and eloquent. :)