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Eerie and engaging. This definitely grabbed me and didn't let me go. Very creative.
Oh my! Fantastically written!
Ooo, I especially love the last stanza.
I enjoyed reading this. It's fun but really makes you think.
Now THAT'S talent. Incredible and thought provoking. Wow!
Very creative poem with an excellent message.
Doubters often need something tangible. Too bad he waited too long. Good work.
Phenomenal!! Outstanding poetry, and a great story, too. I was glued til the end.
This is a winner. I kid you not! Kudos!
Eesh... gave me the chills.. wow. Well done.
WOW! What a message! "God is NOT mocked." Simon found that out. The message is scarey. I hope any lost person reading it will heed it...As for the poem itself, I loved it. I love limericks and have tried a few myself. But this one was supberb...Helen
Now who wouldn't like a poem with "Simon the shyster, a lawyer in Glyster"? Amazing story told in verse.
Oh my, quite a different view here on this piece! Very 'interesting' is the word that comes to mind. Thanks for sharing this! Makes me think. ^_^
This was great, Gerald. One of my favorites this week. The rhythm was good, and the story even better. I didn't know that you wrote poetry!

I hope this places, because I really enjoyed it a lot.
Wow! Just excellent writing, rhyming, and story! This has it all! Super congrats on your level placing and EC!
Congrats on your EC, Jerry. I enjoyed the "feel" of this piece.
Gerald, congratulations on your very much deserved win!
Wow, where did you get the idea for this? Remarkable. Congratulations on your EC.
This is creepy good. You know what's going to happen, but you can't stop reading. I like the rhythm and the way you fit the story in. Also the cruel irony that he lost his case to defend the devil. You packed quite a bit in this cautionary tale. Congrats on EC.
Wow! A man rhyming his way to hell. It hurt to know how it would end for Simon, but this was well and cleverly told. Congratulations on your well deserved win!
"creepy good".,..well said.. loved this dark but shattering poem about truth we hate to face in the eternity of fools.. VERY good writing... thanks Gerald... Congrats
This had to be fun to write, it was definitely fun to read. I liked the flow and the internal rhyme throughout. You put this together well, and ended it perfectly. Congratulations, well deserved.
Superb writing! Congratulations on your placement.