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Your title is perfect for this haunting poem. I'm left with many questions, but that's obviously intentional. Nice work.
Your title says it all - a very evocative piece, and yes, haunting.
Hmmm, very interesting piece. Is the mother dead, or estranged, I wonder.
I was very touched by this poem. Excellent writing capturing the deep grieving process.
Wow. Very emotional. Very raw. Loved the repeating line. Amazing.
I'm sitting here with my mouth open! I've been there/done that! The words and the feelings behind them haunt me, badger me. This is a short piece but it's jam-packed full of meaning. Makes me feel like I've been kicked in the stomach and deservedly so! Huge, huge kudos!
Haunting, indeed. I like the repeated line. Great job on this poem.
Oh yes, a telephone certainly can be haunting. It makes me sometimes feel like this person, wanting to tear it out. Yet, what would we do without it? Loved the poem. Wish it could have been longer. It seems like you wanted it to go on; yet if you had, the Haunting aspect may have been lost...Helen
You carried your title through perfectly.
WOW! This is one of my favorites for this week! Certainly very powerful and creative with the format. I loved the repeating line of "I suck in air and forget how to exhale." that was just wow, great writing! ^_^
lots of questions, but like it's already been said, that seemed to be intentional to leave the reader wondering. I could feel the eerie silence in this piece. Very good job!
Oh my goodness, sorry I am so late! Great job on this free verse, Sheri. It was haunting and I loved that you used concrete words.I'm proud!