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Aw...what a great poem! Very clever and flowed nicely. Well done.
Very clever. Great POV with a wonderful little message at the end. Good stuff.
I finally found this (with your second hint) endearing poem. You get your own message across, especially well, and I love your ending punch line! God is always listening in to our conversations on the "party line!"
Love the message in the poem especially the last stanza. Wonderful writing.
Creative! This is the only entry so far in whih the phone does the talking! Very well done.
Charming poem about a telephone, then you get us with the message at the end.
This is a good reminder that God is always on the line.
We had the same idea - the telephone listening in on conversations! I like your cute poem. Nicely done. :)
What a fun POV to reveal a very profound truth. Well done!
Love this poem! Great work, as always!
This has so much truth in it you could preach a whole sermon from it. What a creative approach to this topic. But I've learned to expect the best from you, my loving friend! You can take something so simple and turn it into something so profound. I love you for that (among many other things!)
I think I could sing this like a background song in my head all day! I liked the third verse the best, such fun! There's so many layers to this, I really liked it! ^_^
Very well done. I sure do admire you who can write poetry so well!
I like your poem. It speaks true of the words of man within a telephone call, of good and bad, of praise and profanity, of joy and despair, above all else, of needed prayer and a God who hears from above, without the phone, to answer prayer.
You are a BRILLIANT poet. Not only do you craft pieces that have good rhythm, but your messages in your poems are absolutely wonderful. I really hope this places high, because it's one of my favorites this week.
This is amazing...I love it!
Your poetry always reveals such a powerful message. I love the shift at the end from personification to a reality that's is often so sadly forgotten. Blessings!!
Verna, what a profound thing to consider, what a phone must hear. Brillant! Loren
Phones, like people (us) are instuments to be used to send messages. People, unlike phones, have a choice of what kinds of messages they send...Your poem expresses those thoughts very well...Loved your choice of words and the progression as the poem rolled along...Helen
Mizz Verna,
This is wonderful..... Just like you.....