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Each snippet is beautifully done, and you've ended with a wonderful, hopeful message.
Nicely done! Enjoyed each phone "scene." It actually made me think of how much we take the telephone for granted and how much it really is a huge part of everyday life. Great job!
Love the little vignettes/scenes, and what a wonderful "conclusion." Good stuff - and you're right, we can all relate to some of these folks. :)
Your "stuff of life" calls led up to a wonderful devotional thought.
We complain about our phone issues often enough but they sure are something to be grateful for, Thanks for this sweet reminder.
I love the way you constructed this. Such a unique approach and delightful read! You're good!
Big time kudos!
This is definitely encouraging. I was wondering where you were going with it and how it would all tie in together, but it was pretty good, I enjoyed the read and was glad for this uplifting message. Thanks for sharing this! ^_^
I too, was wondering where this was going and how you would tie it together... what a great ending, reminding us how important is to spend time with God so to be ready for the 'stuff of life.' Very good. I enjoyed this very much.
I really liked how you showed each of the story snippets and then tied them all together at the end. A very unique offering for this week's topic. Thank you for sharing it with us.
I loved the small powerful vignettes here. It makes you wonder what life was like without our instant forms of communicating... great idea.. good execution.. felt like a camera lens zooming in and out... !! Dianne Janak
I enjoyed gazing into each little window of life...very nicely done. Thanks for the good reminder to always keep my "communication lines" open with God. You're a good mom... :)
By the way, this is my favorite part...

"She watches through the picture window as the darkness of night gives way to an amber dawn-what a beautiful sight on this special day."

How sweet and symbolic -an "amber dawn..."