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No kidding! What a fascinating story. Now you have to write one about the headstone! Well done.
Way cool! I was all set to comment on how creative this piece was. To hear it's based on a true story is amazing! I love it!
Oh, is that ever a cool story! I LOVE it's true, and how well you dramatized it. Just fascinating and excellent.
I agree that this is a cool story. Perfect for this challenge topic! :-)
Amazing story from the opening paragraph to the last word. Excellent!
What an awesome story...even cooler that it's true. Well done.
Great story Betty. Isn't it wonderful how God uses people in the strangest places.
Cool story - thanks for telling it! The details put me right in the desert (I think I'm sweating!) :)
It's a gift to be able to take the "news" and turn it into a very interesting story. Great job.
I really liked the story but finding out at the end that it was based on true events was the icing on the cake. Good job.
What a cool, and odd story. Totally enjoyable read.
What an awesome story! Thanks for sharing it!
What an awesome story!
Ohhh... so cool. Makes me want to check out the phone too!
You're something else, you know that?? What a great story, so original and just what I've come to expect from you, my good friend.
Wow. That is so cool. Well done. :)
WOW! A truly amazing story. I've never heard/known about this...I loved the way it ended though and the fact that there really was a phone booth in the middle of nowhere...just wow. Awesome writing! ^_^
Very strange, a phone in the middle of nowhere. Truth is stranger than fiction, they say. Good story. A bit unbelievable at first, but glad to see that it really was a true story. "The Lord works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform."...Helen
Great story, and especially interesting since it's true. Thanks for sharing!
What a cool story! It's too bad that the phone booth has been removed, but good for Rick using it to witness to people.

I loved, loved, loved this. So engaging and interesting to read.
Betty, congratulations on your EC. This is one of my favorites this week.
Congratulations, Betty! Fascinating story, you gave it a mysterious flavor that I love.
Betty, I'm so glad you told this tale, and told it so well. Congratulations on your EC win!