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Wonderful characterization and storyline. Fun take on the topic!
Enjoyed this.
ahhhhhhhhh, sweet memories of sibling rivalry. I was the baby sis, but NOT a brat. I tell you I was NOT!
You have wonderful characterization through dialogue is this delightful story. I loved it all the way through.
Great characters. I remember being on a party line and fighting with siblings and neighbors for the phone.
Back to the good or bad ole days.. I Loved this.. you ability to write character dialogue is brilliant..
Thanks for the brick... I loved this..
LOL...too fun! Such an easy read. Loved it!
Dee, this was SO much fun. I grew up with two older sisters, so this really hit home with me. This is a very entertaining read; one of my favorites this week.
How funny! You did a great job writing this. I felt every whack -- ouch!
Ohhhhh.. that was just cruel! Awesome writing. Very creative.
Oh, do I ever remember those days! You did a fine job recreating them. An excellent
piece and so typical of all your fine work, Dee.
Ah, yes... the party line. What a fun and creative read!
Ooooh! I was squirming throughout this whole thing. Ouch. Those two need to learn to get along with each other, lol. This was an interesting and fun read! I liked the little details like the "Owie" and the hairbrush and then the end, that was a good twist! ^_^
I do remember the party lines; although we never had one...I worked on a farm where there was on. Anyway, this story brought out the conflict between big and little sister. I have both...But...oh well, enough said...Helen
Excellent characterization and the details take the reader into the scenes...loved the touches of humor, too.
Very entertaining, and I could still feel the love. :D
Do you have any sisters, Dee? You captured the sibling rivalry perfectly. It sure seems like you know what you are talking about. This was so much fun to read. It had me laughing a lot. :)
This one made me laugh out loud... Hilarious story!