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Everyone should have a Mara. Well done.
Wonderful writing.. I was there with you. Hope you write lots more of these memories!
I felt like I got to go on your trip with you and experience the same activities and emotions that you did. That's what good writing does for the reader. I hope you continue to realize the miracle of healing as you relish your memories.
I greatly enjoyed your memory. You wrote this from the heart and it showed. "Gallivanting" - great word, I thought only my grandmother used it.
Oh sweetie. You took me there. So glad you got to experience this. Wow.
yes...this is a perfect time with friends and God's creation.
I like the part where you took a picture of the yellow flower. (like in the book "Hinds Feet in High Places", right?
So thankful that it was a time of healing.
Sweet memories.
I loved reading your perfect memories and being transported to your "party". What a blessing you are to each other.
What beautiful memories. So well written, I was there on the mountainside with you, laughing and crying too.

You made me long for my own 'Mara' who lives on the other side of the world to me. Maybe one day...
Rich in description - you made me want to be with you and Mara.
Beautiful memories of a wonderful time with friends! Love the way you brought me along on your journey with your words.
Laury, What wonderful memories you have shared with your readers. To be limited to 750 words must have been extremely difficult. Thanks for sharing your healing trip with us. You painted excellent pictures for us; the flower, mountains, latte, etc. Thanks again.
Wonderful memories and descriptions. Thanks for sharing.
This is indeed "Just Perfect". I loved wandering through this story, it was like savoring each word and letting it melt inside my mouth as I went. Simply wonderful, I can feel the friendship and love here. ^_^
What a wonderful friendship you have and your described it beautifully. Thank you.
Beautiful memories of a beautiful friendship.
I'm so glad that you wrote about these memories. I hope you get to have more in the future.