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Absolutely perfect! This hits the nail on the head for this topic. Really well done.
Beautiful. I'll be back to re-read this one more than once, I suspect.
Very nicely done. I liked the line about barking and then words that bite. Great comparisons. I also liked that the reader is able to insert anyone into the poem as the person the speaker is talking to ... a woman, a child, a grandparent and so on. This makes it become a personal poem to the one reading it. You made good use of the topic by making the memory a person!
Your assessment of your loved one, along with your introspection of your own thoughts--all put into poetic form--make this a treasure.
Tremendous writing, however, you got my attention, I'm going to quit reading articles and go play with my daughter for awhile. This spoke directly to me and I assume it will get many other readers as well. Nice message.
Oh, how thought-provoking and evocative. I will be thinking on this one for a very long time. Thank you for this. Wonderful.
Isn't it interesting that our memories of our own action tend to be quite negative - we see only our mistakes? But often when we remember the actions of others it tends to be the good stuff! Maybe it's just me that does that! Great poem.
Touching, if not a bit convicting at times. I loved the flow of this piece, as if it streamed directly from the heart.