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Brilliantly written and oh so clever. Wish I knew how to access that whole little team stationed in my brain...
Well done.
This was a great read.
I love this. Thanks.
You have great symbolism here for that strange thing--memory.
T.R., T.R., where are you? Calling T.R....Oh yes, wouldn't that be great to have a guy like that when you need him? I am sure no one has total recall, but it is nice to be able to recall many things. It sure helped me for when I was writing my book...You wrote a good story. Sometimes I got lost in the technology terminology. But enjoyable!...Helen
WOW! This is one of my favorites for this week, I absolutely love it! Just perfect! I especially like how it's all a real 'memory' so creative! ^_^
SO clever - a delightful change of pace from the others I've read. Definitely an absolute favorite of mine so far.
This is a very enjoyable read. I can guess who the writer is. If my guess is right, let me tell you that I always enjoy your articles. Excellent!
I loved the crew names - Shorty in particular! A clever piece.
What an amazing story. I love it.
Here's a word I reserve for times like this: Brilliant.

This was so creative, and yet still gave me a quake of goosebumps. One of my very favorites this week...
Creative, witty, clever. Perfect take on the topic. Well done!

Now if only I could find my team, but they've been MIA for some time now.
**smile** Mine tend to be AWOL more and more often too.
Lovely, wonderfully lovely!
This is great, as is all your work. It's too bad we can't get away with plagurizing, or I'd sure love to take credit for your work. It's that good! Kudos!
This is great! I thought about doing something like this, but yours is done to perfection.Very entertaining, as well as touching.
Wow. This is brilliant! Well done!
This is somewhat like my entry... but, oh, so much better.
Bravo! I really love the way you wrote this. You captivated my attention all the way through.