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Heartbreaking and bittersweet, with the "evidence of mirth" a lovely coda to this story.
Hauntingly beautiful. One suggestion: All but one of the paragraphs begins with "I" — it might be good to vary that a bit more. Well done.
Beautiful haunting memories. I love the hope at the end. This is a winner for me.
Gave me goosebumps just reading it. Tender and heartfelt with a few bittersweet notes. So well done, thanks for sharing such precious words. ^_^
This touched my heart! You did an excellent job of recapturing memories of a beloved spouse.
I wonder if I know whose this is...So tender, and such wonderful descriptions. You brought me to tears. Excellent.
Oh Dee, this is wonderful. You did an excellent job of putting the reader in that room with you. It's so hard to get all the emotions across in a true story, but I think you nailed it. Super.
What a powerful story. You capture the emotions so well, they seem still raw. Thanks for sharing such a difficult memory.
Beautifully tender, filled with so much love. This brought tears to my eyes as I read it and even now, the lump remains in my throat. Thank you.
I liked the way that she found comfort in the clothes he wore rather than in the book of promises on the pillow! Beautifully written.
This is real and evident by the phrases,'imagined his scent' and 'beloved shirt'.I remember how sad I felt when the scent of my husband was no more. Beautiful, heartfelt writing.Thank you and God Bless. Elizabeth.
Most vivid recollections Dee. Over 20 years ago my wife had two brain surgeries. We didn't know if she would live or die for several years. Someone also gave us a God's Promises book. I will never forget it. I found it interesting that you keyed on smells calling up memories. Very good writing!!
Did you issue a Kleenex warning with this, Dee? It's so tender and beautiful it hit many buttons on my emotions. So sensitively written. Kudos!
Such heart-warming memories to look back on. How well you've expressed the feelings of grief, mingled with the little things that will be forever precious.
This is so sweet and real that I lived the memory with your MC. Such memories cause the heart to ache...I'm so glad you ended it as you did!
This is so touching. You made me feel what your MC was feeling, which, of course, is the mark of a good writer. This is very nicely done. Thumbs up!
Ah...Dee, **tears**
You drew an exquisite portrait of the love bonding/binding these two. Thank you for letting us stand back and gaze. So well done. :)
This entry moved me to tears. It was so well written and drew the reader right in. Very well done my FaithWriter friend.
Absolutely beautiful...