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You did an excellent job of getting your point across in this piece. You are absolutely right. Freedom comes with a price, and many soldiers are not recognized for the sacrifices they have made to help us keep that freedom.

I appreciate you sharing this well written piece with us. It was a pleasure to read.
This well written piece showing your MC's memories are a great testimony to the reason for our freedom.
I was absolutely enraptured- descriptions are so rich and haunting, and what a message. Excellent.
I liked the way that you broke up the text and the action with the italics and bold print. Visually it worked. The ending came far too quickly - I wanted to know more about the jungle incident.
This was wonderfully written...well done.
Excellent suspense. What I took away from this was that every single memorial contains the memories of a soldier, a sailor, etc. If the tombstones could talk... Well done.
This was very different. The idea that memories survived at the memorial would be great to see portrayed in a movie. Well done.
This was a tenseful story. Well told and with great emotions. What sacrifice! And what a legacy! So many do not realize the sacrifice service men make...Well told....Helen
All I can add is amen to the lesson taught by this wonderfully written piece. Kudos to the author!
I couldn't have stopped reading this once I started, even if I'd wanted to. It's superb writing and wonderfully put together. Kudos!
Oh WOW! That's pretty much my impression when I'm finished reading this. There's so many layers to it-wonderfully done! ^_^