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Very cool. I love the first four paragraphs especially.
What a soft, soothing poem about MEMORY. But mankind, in Gods image made,
Was given memory,
So he could follow Gods commands
And live eternally.
... And this is the climax of the whole delightful poem. I am left with a lump in my throat, to read about what God Remembered to Forget, and about how we can remember! Love it! Thanks!...Helen
This is so beautiful! I LOVE the progression of the poem and how it ends with the "forgetfulness" of God who chooses not to remember our sins anymore. What a lovely reminder of His grace and mercy and you brought it all together with perfection.
That God, who created memory, chooses to FORGET our sins is such an awesome gift to mankind! What a remarkable way of looking at this topic. It does, indeed, bring tears to the eyes and a lump to the throat to think of such love and generosity. Wonderful images in words and message!
Your last paragraph really hit me. I am so glad that God has a forgetful memory when we choose to go before him and repent of our sins.

I really enjoyed your take on this week's topic. Thank you for sharing.
Beautiful images and an amazing message - just wonderful for the topic. I was blessed by this.
This is beautiful - and from such an unusual angle.
This is brilliant. The progression to the final stanza, so well done. Simply delivers a beautiful message.
I think this will be one of my favorites. I love so MANY things about this, rhyming words like "entities/all of these" and phrases like "kitten-playful ways" and "an oak tree can't remember that an acorn was his name," and then your last stanza is so powerful, "with infinite recall our Lord chose to forget." Beautiful work on this!
Simply beautiful! This is a very delightful poem that also delivers a powerful illustration of God's grace. Great job.
Excelent poem. I loved the structure, the careful meter and choice of wrds. I loved too being reminded that God chooses to forget my sins confessed.
This is the second poem of yours that I've read (the first was published in the latest FW magazine). It is obvious to me that you let the Holy Spirit guide your thoughts as you write. This is so eloquent, so beautiful. Thank you for the blessing.
Lovely. Excellent rhythm and rhyme, but more importantly, excellent message.
Beautifuly imagery to relay a wonderful message.
What a wonderful title! I love the double meaning to it and I liked the verse with the Tiger especially. My favorite! Nice job! ^_^
The fact that God can FORGET our forgiven sins is amazing. Thank you for this beautiful poem.
A very elegant and beautiful poem. I loved the message. God remembers His children but forgets their sins. Thank you so much for sharing this.