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So sweet. I very touching story for a tragic condition.
This is such a sad tale. I have had the experience of going through this scenario with more than one relative and friend, some of them having lived in our home. It is a heart-wrenching experience to see someone you love living in "another world". This couple handled the situation well. I worked in an extended care hospital where folks with dementia wanted to live in the past. I was instructed to make them come back to reality. I didn't want to. I think it is just okay, to a certain extent, to let them "live in the past" if keeps them happy...Good story. I like it...Helen
This is a very sad story and I hope and pray I never have to experience it with anyone I love but chances are, I probably will. Very nice writing.
You took a very tough subject and gave it a ray of hope. Sometimes it can be so hard to see loved ones get old, especially if they do lose their memory. I liked your ending a lot. Thank you for sharing this.

The progression of your story carried me along till I was happy with your MC for "Mama" to find a place she would be cared for and could still worship. Well done.
Heartwrenching, and so engaging and sad. Excellent.
I thought your portrayal of Mama was touching. I loved that she still had retained her humour.
The ending couln't be more perfect in its encouragment that God takes care of His own no matter how lost they might appear to others.