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So tragic. You did an incredible job with the contrast between the two worlds. This touched me, and definitely made me think. Wonderfully done.
This was a different take on the reunion. A welcome break from all the hijinks this week. Good job with the tension--it really got uncomfortable in there. Your descriptions were great and the story has a ring of authenticity about it. Well done.
I felt awkward just reading Great atmosphere...well done.
You did a great job showing how uncomfortable some reunions can be. Well done my friend.
This is such a different and honest take on family reunions. You have some rich details that I love. "soil-laden boy shuffle his lanky body down the lane, the dirt devils rising all around him like he was the eye of an approaching storm." I could see, feel, taste everything about that sentence! You didn't gloss over a thing but told it precisely like it happened, warts and all. A truly great piece!
Good grief, Dee--this is how you write while still under traces of anaesthesia? You're incredible! Such mastery of mood...awesome.
Ah...I think I have met these people. ; ) This was a great look into a lifestyle many often don't realize truly exists. Awkward and colorful, love the discriptions.
We wouldn’t have to visit again for a long time...What a family reunion! Well told and descriptive...I think I would feel the way the visiting "mother" felt, too. I've seen a few families like that too, even here in the north (Canada, that is)..slow moving, casual, non emotional, but hospitable...And despite their "hospitality" I was always glad when the visit was over...But relatives?..Whew! Good story and well told...Helen
Great diversity here and the best part for me was that Dad included himself as a "hillbilly". Not far from the roots.......

I could read many more pages about this back country family.
Wow! I was wondering about the title and how it fit, but wow, at the end, I was just as relieved for them to get out and away. A very different reunion story-I like it a lot! ^_^
This is a wonderful take on the topic. You left me thinking too... I enjoyed this. I, too, could read more on this family...
Wonderful job creating tension, even tho Dad didn't seem to sense it, in his wife & kids. Great characterization and dialog and dialect. This entry rocks!
You have a way of placing your reader right in the middle of the scene. I felt like I was one of your characters acting right along with them. Great description. Loved this.
Wow. I felt the discomfort of this meeting. I could picture myself just sitting there silently wishing I were somewhere else.

Good job putting the reader right there in the scene.
Thanks you masters for your expertise and encouragement that we writers experience from you, right from starting out as beginners.