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This has just GOT to be a winner. It certainly is in my opinion - not that that counts. I love the little incident-mentioning, things that you could so easily picture going on at a reunion--the childish challenges, the daring, etc. The funniest one was about the swollen tongue from the swallowed worm...But the part I liked the best, and brought tears to my eyes, was about Gerald turning his life around. That was wonderful! And about the rhyme and rhythm of the poem itself. I loved it. This is what I call "PRIME" poetry...Helen
Love all the little snapshot stanzas, and, of course, the lovely reunion at the end. What a lovely "package."
You dropped so many little gems in here to keep me reading just to see what happened next. Then you saved the biggest jewel for last. I loved this!
So many little vingettes to set the stage. You covered a lot of ground in so few words.
Heehee-what a charming picture-lol! I could see this happening, especially with the taffy hunt, very funny! ^_^
How wonderful! This is the reunion I want to go to.
I really liked the part about George eating the caterpillar.

I have never attempted a poem, but if I did, I would definitely look at some of yours to learn how it's properly done. You always have great stuff. Thanks for sharing.
Oh this is so very much like some picnic's I've been to. I loved every word of this wonderful piece. So real to life. Just loved the rhythm, it flowed like.... ants over taffy :- ) Nice work Missy
A charming, humorous tale, and great poetry. I love the part about the ladies not telling their age. :) VERY good!
Thanks you masters for your expertise and encouragement that we writers experience from you, right from starting out as beginners.