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You've been peeking in on the bbq's in my town, haven't ya? This was a fun read, and very well done. kudos.
Love the light-hearted tone, and the obvious affection with which the narrator writes of the reunion, even though the branches of the family are so different. Cute bit at the end, and good use of the repetition of the title phrase. Really fun entry.
This was great. Loved the repeating title...well done.
I like how you dropped in little 'mysteries' along the way as the reader wondered along with Randall: the name change, the iced tea, the dangerous stunt pilot.
Oh, that last line just KILT me!!! I was SO sure he was some kinda executive white collar worker. The contrast was SO fun, your characters delightful. I laughed several times, but never so much as on that bang of an ending! What a blessing before bed :)
I've been to some reunions like this! Your MC's observations are so funny and I love the last line. Sometimes, it's better not to resist and just go with the flow. LOL!
What a hoot! Dialog was smooth and engaging.
It would have been fun to see what they did with "Randall, the dancer, maybe another time?
ROFL! What a hilarious and totally adorable couple! I could see this Sandi and Randy heading out to the bbq! Loved it! The humor at the end, that really got me, I'm still chuckling! Loved every minute of it! ^_^
You had me giggling! I really like the repeated "Trust me..". Great details & descrptions - I felt like I was sitting there with the family.
A very wise man is 'Randy' to trust his wife on this one. Oh my, I giggled most of the way through. I'd just finished a mug of soup, but that BBQ was sure smellin' good. Loved it, Shari :- )
Thanks you masters for your expertise and encouragement that we writers experience from you, right from starting out as beginners.