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I'm chuckling at your little con man. This is a lot of fun, and very creative. Well done.
At some point I began to wonder if that was his family. Hmmmm. :-) I love how his good manners get him through the reunion. This one's fun.
Oh, hilarious! I LOVED the aha! moment, and the dialect was a perfect touch. LOVE this!
Great characterization, smooth flow on the dialect. CREATIVE approach to the topic. LOVE it!
This was so much fun...LOL! Truly a blast to read. Thanks!
This is great! I wasn't expection the end and loved it. Excellent!
Crashin' a family reunion, huh? HI-larious! Love this MC and his dialect. It's a load of fun to read. ( :
Joanne, I'm surprised at you! Crashin' someone's family reunion. Hee Hee, what a hoot. I loved the dialect, you dun good girl. This was so much fun to read. Loved the title - top class.
Who said you couldn't do dialect? What a great piece, a hilarious piece! I LOVED it!!!
Very Clever and entertaining. Nice job!
I liked your dialect.
I thought it was going to turn out differently.
I loved your title and description of "Hairy Ears".
Good writing, as usual.
Ha, two twists in a few paragraphs! I wasn't surprised that he was at the "wrong family" reunion, but the actual twist I didn't see coming. Great job! Very fun.
This was such a hoot to read. You did a fantastic job on this humorous piece. Well done my friend. I loved it all.
Lovely read with an wonderful twist at the end.
Well done.
Loved it, this was a fun read. Your approach to the topic-so very creative.
ROFL! Oooh, good "dialect" I just love the flavor it added to this piece, that little guy sure knew what he wanted...crashing into a whole family reunion like that. lolz. Great job! ^_^
What a hoot! So much for him being the spittin' image of his father...

You nailed it again! Super dialogue. Loved the whole story. Smiles!
GREAT job with the hill-billy dialect. And a fun story to boot. The first person pov works wonderfully for this tale. Super!!
Absolutely delightful! The voice of the boy made me laugh the entire time, and the ending was perfect. One of my favorites this week. Good job, Joanne! :)
Thanks you masters for your expertise and encouragement that we writers experience from you, right from starting out as beginners.
This is wonderful. I want to see more of this character.