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Wow. This is incredible. So, so creative. I have to ponder this, and then read it again. So much depth here. Great, UNIQUE, take on the topic.
A COMPLETELY unique and out-of-the-box entry, that is definitely going in my favorites. Gotta read it over and over (and over).
Oooh, I love Mira! I can definitely relate to her-and her writing adventures, would love to know what happens when she meets the rest of her 'characters'. lol. ^_^
Amazing creativity here... I couldn't wait to see what would happen next.
I can't wait to find out who wrote this. Very creative metafiction. I like how you have all the different Sadies at the different ages. Brad's her husband, right?
Pretty cool.
(smile) I knew it !!! My characters ARE real...I just knew it!
What an interesting setting! I like the thought that our writing will stay alive as long as someone reads it. It makes me want to write my best!
Wonderful! This is so full of creativity and detail. It's also very comforting as a writer. *grin* Great job!!
This story will definitely resonate with the writers here! Love this concept and the feeling that our characters do live on after us somewhere! Very unique and beautifully written.
How fun! What a creative idea. I like it.
06/16/08 see the mind of a genius at work. Wowzers. Excellent. I loved this!
AmAzInG~love this!
Each time I read this, I found something I had missed...amazing and unique. Loved it!
Yes! How cool to think our characters carry on when we are gone. Super creative.
I'm still sitting here with my jaw hanging around my knees. I'm shaking my head in disbelief at the sheer ingenuity of this entry. Jan, I tips me lid to ya!
WOW, I am blown away. This is so creative, you have such a great imagination. Bravo!
The word "creative" is perhaps overdone, but I still have to use it. Quite an entry!
Wow! Who else but you?
I knew it was yours, Jan. I loved this.
Wow Jan what an amazing story. I loved it. Well done.
Very awesome - I love the out of the box look on the topic. That is a great look into the mind of a writer and how we want our characters to come alive as we weave together words of their existence.
After I read this (and enjoyed it immensley)and read the title again, I felt that you truly are someone special and that your gifts need to reach others outside of FW.

I do hope you are pursuing being published outside of this site.

Thanks for being you.
VERY cool! I love the idea, and the writing brings it to life.
Wow. you really got me thinking about my characters that I have created in my stories (including the ones I have neglected). Brilliant writing!
Congrats! ^_^
Congratulations on the EC! Excellent, excellent writing as always!
Jan, heartiest congratulations on your EC. Well done... again :- )
Thanks you masters for your expertise and encouragement that we writers experience from you, right from starting out as beginners.
This, as all your pieces, was very well written. What I liked best about it was the thoughts that lingered in my mind about the characters we create. In his introduction to DANDELION WINE, Ray Bradbury said (paraphrasing) that his beloved family still lives--why? because he says so.
Jan, your writing never ceases to amaze and entertain me. I hope you are considering finding a wider audience for your work.
You have a great imagination, used for the entertainment of many. You certainly do write "creatively". Great story, one so very different from the norm...Helen