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Hehe...I loved the last line...DID TOO! Well done:)
Hehe - clever. Great job developing the characters, and that last line was perfect. :)
Very entertaining. I could see it all. Good job putting the reader in the middle of the action.
You brought back many nostalgic moments for me! Serves him right. Very cute moral-of-the-story tale (or should that be tail?!)
Oh, this is such a welcome relief in a week of so many sad stories! I grinned all the way through it, and the ending is an absolute HOOT!
Great title and loved the play on the Boy who cried Wolf. This was fun.
This is priceless. Just priceless. Many kudos!
ROFL! I loved the MC in this one, it was just too funny and that Wayne Junior deserved it, I think! lolz, very good suspense and characters, I liked it, especially the voice of your MC! ^_^
Good characterization, and using the details to set the time. I didn't like Wayne Junior much, either. Nice twist on the "boy who cried wolf" plot. And I loved the last line.
Oh goodness, you have caught the essence of Wayne Junior so well. LOL he sure got what was coming to him. There is always one joker in the bunch. I bet that's one reunion he'll remember. Great job Karen, very funny. :- )
Haha. What a little devil Wayne Junior is. I liked him a lot. :)

This story was very easy to get into. As soon as I started reading it, I couldn't stop, and I had a feeling that the fin was something other than a shark. Nice ending.
Thanks you masters for your expertise and encouragement that we writers experience from you, right from starting out as beginners.