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God bless you...thank you...this was hilarious. I can't begin to ooze enough at the progression of this, with the perfectly timed arrival of the officer. I wish I wrote this...I LOVED IT!
What a fun read! Liked this take on the subject.
This was fun to read. I laughed out loud. What a creative idea (the picture scavenger hunt) and making all age groups participate gave the whole piece a different twist. I love this kind of humor. Great story. Good execution.
As soon as I saw item 10 on the list, I KNEW we were in for fun - and I loved the ride. A fun as all everything piece, with an ending to DIE for :)
Really cute. And I love the ending.
This was a fun read overall, but at risk of marching to a different drummer, I would have preferred that it conclude with the next to last paragraph.
Favorite part? Jesse snapping the picture of the police officer. "At least we got photos..." LOL. Catchy title.
Oh my! So fun! Love this MC and her sad tale of woe...and you gave me a great idea for our next family reunion, too! (I know a few relatives I wouldn't mind sending on a wild goose-er- I mean SCAVENEGR hunt.)Hee hee.
This was so much fun to read. I loved your story this week. Well done my friend.
Missing pickets? LOL missing marbles would be more like it. This was such a fun read. I loved 'series of unfortunate events' that landed them in jail. Gloria had better watch herself when she does community service :-). Great story BettyDee, I loved it.
Betty, I'm learning that everything you write is very good and usually very, very funny! This was your usual fare of top-notch writing with a grin! Kudos, my friend! Yer the best!
Betty--you're definitely the humor queen of FaithWriters, and I adore everything you write. This is priceless.
Hey...that sounds like fun! I loved your description of the hunt and Gloria.
Great writing, as usual
ROFL! Poor Liza! What an adventure and all of that just for the scavenger hunt? Wow! Loved the hilarious way in which this story there a waterpark sequel? ^_^
Simply super. Cleverly told, and masterfully written. The last line is a keeper. :)
Highly enjoyable! Great job.
There is one writer that consistently makes me laugh with nearly everything she writes, and that writer is YOU, Betty. I loved the ending of this story. So funny! :)
Congratulations on your EC. This is very cute and clever. Would love to have been with them on their hunt.
***Congrats!*** ^_^
Oh well done Betty on your EC (how many is that now???) This was so much fun.
So glad this placed, because I was slow on reading this week.

So much fun, loved the sense of humor of your MC, Liza.

More, more, more,,,,I could see the up close photo of the cop.

Thanks you masters for your expertise and encouragement that we writers experience from you, right from starting out as beginners.
This was just delightful--just like you!
What an absolute riot! Especially how the list seemed almost prophetic by putting the fence picket just before the police officer! Well done.
Well, I was gonna have a scavenger hunt at our next reunion but not now! I know some of our folks would end up in trouble for sure. That was so funny and I needed a grin tonight. So thanks and keep it up.