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AWWWW, that was so sweet and a good reminder to each of us. Love the simple lessons taught to us by our children.
"And a little child shall lead them " Lovely story and wise words, indeed.
Sweet story with wisdom from a child. I liked the descriptions. One tiny suggestion would be to not overuse the word "that". There are places where you could eliminate "that" and still have the sentence make sense. Good work.
Break out the Kleenex...what a beautiful, well told story. Loved, loved, loved the little Stinker. Fantastic job...
This is so good! Very heart warming and true. And so well written too.

Home really is inside of our hearts and memories. Excellent job here!
Sweet story. God always knows what we need, and often uses kids to teach. To be picky, I think "n'other" is short for another and should have the apostrophe on the other side: 'nother. Great story.
This gave me warm fuzzies. The writing is very good, too. I enjoyed it very much.
I LOVE when our kids minister to us, and this is a lovely, wonderful example of it. A beautiful, BEAUTIFUL piece that blessed me in a very special way.
This is so heart-warming...with an excellent message. Your title is great.
I haved learned SO much through our children. Thank you for this very relative and timeless lesson. So glad the MC was open to God when He reached out to her even though she avoided the Bible. You displayed her pain and struggle very well.
Aren't our children amazing the way they talk to us. This was a lovely story well told, with your emotions coming through very strongly.
I loved that the little boy offered to make holes in the new place, too. Cute.

He seemed just a little bit too wise for me--I don't think I've ever really heard a child his age speak like that.

But as a lesson, this story is undeniably precious.
This is beautiful! Indeed, "a little child shall lead us"! Don't ever stop listening to your children;for, often they are little messengers from God.
The emotional tugs from a little one are so precious. Thanks for sharing.
What a blessing your sons must be to you.
Having moved countries twice, I can identify with this story. Very touching.
Kids have a way of getting to the heart of what hurts us and what bugs us and they sure can make us deal with those things, too. Love the images painted in this story and the message at the end, too.
Heartwarming story for sure. I loved the little boy saying he'd make more holes in the wall when they move. Kids are so perceptive and God often uses them to deal with or minister to us. Well done Laury, well done.
I loved the emotions shown so well in this tender story: sadness, anger, nostalgia, tenderness, love, humor, acceptance. And I loved the little boy--so willing to make new holes in the wall. Great job!
Laury wrote this based on what I am going through right now.. gotta tell you... this is exactly how my 7 year old would talk!

And yes.. I appreciate my kids so deeply and am so proud of them and delighted with them.

I need to thank you all for the kind comments to as you are all complimenting my sweet kid! LOL.. and thank you to Laury for writing this.. I need to post it on my wall as a reminder!

Beautiful writing Master Laury.
Awwww! So sweet-and cute! I loved this 'other world' and especially the "No, I don't want to talk to you right now" line, that was just perfect, you made this come alive and especially with the Colten. I loved it! Nicely done! ^_^
This was mildly cliche, but it was written clearly and intelligently.
Wow, Laura! This was great! I was teary-eyed at the end. I love the interaction between the family members. I was barely even blinked at when i came home from college each week;) Great writing!