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Ah, love this title. Great writing and I do believe I know the author:)
You amaze me with these stories and the creative way you make them fit the topic (simply stunning ). The authentic and Biblical names jump out of the story. Your title is perfect. I love this story. It wrapped itself around me like a blanket. Encore!
This was fabulous...I loved it! (I also believe I might know the author...hmmm=)
Lovely, realistic writing and a good voice, too. You did a great job with this. Thumbs up!
Very excellent writing.
Wow how beautifully you told this story. Well done.
Very good, Joanne! I liked this more than some of the previous Michal stories, I think because there were far less "Americanisms". It just worked better for me.

As I've said before, can't wait to read the book.
I love the descriptions of the characters, and the dialogue is very engaging, too. A joy to read and makes me want to read more!
Well done...It must have been very hard for Michel, having to choose her loyalties...for Jonathan, too.
Excellent writing.
Good dialogue. Thanks for including the scripture verses. I want to go read this story again.
Loved the last line about tucking the statue into bed. Great story.
Grat re-work. I recognized the nae of the servant and knew where I was. I felt more in the time with your dialog this time.

Looking forward to the completed works.
You know I love Biblical fiction and this peice was great. I like getting to look at a story from an angle we don't normally see.
Great writing. This was very engaging!
As always Joanne, a wonderful retelling of just a snippet of Michal's story. Each one seems to get better and better. Well done girl!
I love the little details, like Michal following her mom's advice and making her home 'pleasing to the nose'. You wove them in effortlessly and told a magnificent tale in the life of this famous couple. This sneak-peek behind the scenes we read in the Bible is simply fascinating.
You know I had never been too sympathetic to Michal till I got better acquainted with her in your stories. She really did have some major problems to deal with, as you've presented wonderfully. Another great Bible story!
BRAVO! Can't wait for the book...I'm hooked! You make it so touchable today, while keeping it authentic.
This story just makes my mouth water for the full book. Hurry up already!. LOL. I'm joking. It's just so exciting, and it's hard to wait for it all to come together, but I'm sure you'll have the entire work written soon enough...If people like me quit pestering you about it. :)
You truly are a master my friend. I want more of this story! Well done.
Your development of Michal is fine tuning beautifully. You showed her in this story as a woman who has loyalties in several directions but none stronger than to David.

It's becoming cliche, but, I can't wait for the book to be published.
Yay! Another Michal story! I loved this one more than the others, it made her more real with her thoughts in italics, etc. I could see that she really cared for David here and enough to help him escape. Loved the interaction between them! ^_^
I love Bible stories made more alive.
Outstanding Joanne! I'm with Gerald, your book is going to be amazing!!!

Excellent, excellent job!
I couldn't stop reading and simply wanted to read more. Your work is so intriguing. You are the master of story telling.
Great job. It truly does bring the bible story to life more. thanks.