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Oh, this is prescious. I love the descriptions and the warmth and humor shown in this piece. Well done.:0)
To me, this piece showed the real essence of family love better than anything I've read thus far. You've captured true feeling - now if I can just figure out how you did it, and learn from it. Great writing!
LOVE the interaction between the family - this FELT like a wonderful family that Meg had every right to miss. Great dialog too, and I love the way you tied it together with the wind chimes. Beautifully done.
I loved the exchange between Meg and Nathan -- especially the driver's license part. :) I could see the scene on the front porch… I wished I was there too. Heart-warming and cozy. I loved the wind chimes that sounded throughout the story.
This story has so much heart - I love the mother speaking for Meg (and everyone else). The windchimes recurring throughout was a nice touch. Great characterization and dialog! I adore the family and the home you've created.
Wow. This is so well written. I can picture it all in my mind...and hear the windchimes. I love that theme throughout. Excellent!
Wonderful--I love the personification of loneliness, and the great sibling relationship. Really sweet story.
Loved this. Reminded me so of what happens when my daughter comes home from the UK. Sitting outside with her and the rest of the family, with our wind chimes in the background. Made me heartsore! Good writing.
This beautiful story showed the essence of home with the family together. It brought back memories of going home and having a home for mine to come home to. I love how you tied in the wind chimes. Great job.
Everything about this is wonderful. Stirred the heartstrings.
Love this, Laura! The homey feel you create with your descriptions really brings this family and their love for each other to life. You captured many of the emotions I remember feeling, too, when I came home for visits while I was in college.
This brought tears to my eyes. Love the use of the wind chimes in the story as well. This is good.
What can I say? It's superb in every way, a wonderful piece about the real meaning of "family." Your writing keeps getting better and better! Kudos !
What a fun family! I loved the interaction between Meg and Nathan-just hilarious to see such a neat brother/sister relationship! I loved the end where they were sitting on the porch-that sums up what family is all about. ^_^
The dialogue between the family members is very authentic in this piece. You captured the true essence of what a family is supposed to be about in this. It's not the structure that makes the home. It's the people and memories that are shared there.
What a warm domestic scene you've portrayed. I was right there on the front porch with them. This is lovely.
Wonderfully written Laura and with enough sibling rivalry bite and humor not to sink into the overly sentimental (see Hallmark greeting card :)). Excellent dialogue and message!
What a lovely story. A family that looks for solutions in prayer. No wonder there is such a grand relationship among its members. The dialogue was well-written as well.
(Going to try this again, I left your comment on my entry somehow -- weird!)

Wow, Laura! This was great! I was teary-eyed at the end. I love the interaction between the family members. I was barely even blinked at when i came home from college each week;) Great writing!
Tremendous presentation of ambience and characters...we connect immediately with this home, place and all of the dynamics of relationship...Inspiring!
I love your use of sound, smell and sight -- this story warms the senses--I feel at home. "Home is where the heart is" -- or should be.
I knew I had been missing out on something. Great stuff ole friend. I needed to hear a familiar song. Hope u r still writing? God Bless.