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What a sweet story, great for kids and with important lessons includedthis would make a good book.
Great story with lots of hope. It is hard when things change but every road that ends opens to a field of opportunity.
Just delightful - I'm just gonna have to print this one off and share it with my kids, I think. Wonderful story - and I agree it would be a wonderful book.
Simply delightful. I could hear PJ talking to the goose and Miss Magellan. As the others have said, this would make a superb picture book for children. Well done!
Good story, very heart warming indeed. I enjoyed the characterizations. This would be a great children's book! Well done!
I like your "flood lesson" tucked into this wonderful story about the bunny that doesn't grow up, while his boys do. Creative and imaginative!
Oh how I love this tale! I love the quaint language you used, the bits of humor, the happy ending, and so much more. Wonderful!!!!!
Aww! What a sweet story! I loved the character of PJ! This is a great children's story, I want to know what happens, who finds him next. I loved how you had the 'see into the future' with the Ms. M and everything. It was a wonderful story about a lovely little world! ^_^
I lean toward writing for children. This is wonderful for kids of all ages.
There is so much about this to love.

He does find his home---in an new boy. Yea!!!

Miss Magellan-how very clever.

The way the sun wakes him up in the brambles....

I wish I had a child to read this to.

I would love to see PJ illustrated. I see a vest in addition to his now happy button eyes.
I like how you ended this one. Charming story.
Awww...such a sweet children's tale. Children will love reading about this character:lovely and tender-hearted.
Wow, Loren. Your writing ability stretches across all genres, including children's books. Yes, I did say "books", because I think this would make a wonderful book for kids if coupled with some illustrations.

Great characters, great dialogue, and a great lesson to be learned from this. Top notch writing as always from you. :)