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Cute! I love the title of "bumpity bump" and how the two finally seem to be 'working together'. So glad for them! ^_^
Awww.. so cute.. I was always forcing my cousins into plays as a kid so I really connected.
Oh, this was so fun! I cringed at how a couple of things were written in the first part, but when I discovered it was the girls' writing, it was perfect. My cousins and I started a story once with sort-of-ourselves as the main characters. Fun memories.
Cute, so they worked out their differences by changing the romantic interest into twins, one for each of them.
I really enjoyed the story, illustrating how God works in children's hearts. I love how they settled their differences.
A creative approach, and I love the title. Blessings, Cheri
Fun and well written. I love the twist at the end.
There's a lot of good stuff in this. I especially like the girls' stage names. :) And yes, great title in light of your story.
Very cute! I suspected right away that we were reading something written or performed by youngsters, and I was highly amused. Actually, that was my favorite part of the entry!

Great title, sweet story.
I liked how they were able to come up with a compromise that allowed them both to meet the boy of their dreams in the play. Very cool.
Reminds me of the commraderie found in the family of "Little Women". Enjoyed the dialouge and the challenge of wits between the two cousins.
Cute title and a great, UNLAME story. Well done!
I noticed how youtied the beginning to the end with the beginning scene of the girls' play. I love the childhood imagiantion you portrayed here, it brings back memories.