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ROFL! This has just the right touch of 'real life' and 'modern day' with the DVD player, Ipod and gameboy. I loved that they became good friends in the end and the last line of course, was my favorite! Great job! ^_^
SO FUN! I loved it. I want to read more. :-)
This is great. My brother (though he wasn't a spoiled city kid) LIVED for the summers that he could spend on our uncle's farm. Excellent.
I loved the initiation of the city kids, but what was really fun were the side-comments of the mc. Great job.
I loved it from beginning to end! The title is perfect. The ending too cute.

I love the little interjected thoughts between each stanza of the poem. The poem itself is great, good meter, smooth reading.

And the whole things teaches a great life lesson besides. Great work! Blessings, Cheri
This is brilliant. I'll be reading this one to my own little "city slickers." They'll get a kick out of it. Incredibly creative approach to the topic, with the masterful touch of the inner dialogue between stanzas. Well done!
I love this (reminds me of our city cousins visiting in the summer). The italicized thoughts are perfect and add another dimension to this already fantastic poem.
Excellent! This had a "Night Before Christmas" feel about the meter. Loved the way the cousins enjoyed farm work and gave no thought to their 'toys'. The interjections between the stanzas worked very well. Great job - I loved it.
Clever! I liked the thoughts between the stanzas, and your ryhme and meter choices.

Maybe just a tad predictable? But in a charming piece like this, that's almost expected.

That meal sounds delicious!
I was having so much fun reading this, that I was sort of sad when it ended. I don't know how I would handle not having my electronic items and having to "rough" it on a farm. LOL. I definitely grew up a city kid.

Great job! I really enjoyed this!
Sharlyn, congratulations on your EC! I loved this poem! Blessings, Cheri
Sharlyn -- Congrats on your placing and EC! This poem has so much fun inside. Awesome!
This was a hoot! Loved every word of it, I did, I did! Your meter, rhyme, pace were all exceptional. Loved how it ended up as well. The way you placed the narrator's thoughts in between stanzas was also creative. Congratulations!
Can I send my kids to your farm?
Great stuff!
That's simply priceless. I love the italicised comments, and especially the last one. Your presentation of city kids vs country kids is so accurate, right down to the little details. Such as eating food on the second night that they would not touch on the first.