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What a request! I'm so glad that she did come all the way from London to visit and share those old memories. A lovely job! ^_^
Loved the picture of all the cousins marching in like the Saints in the song.
Poignant and lovely and, most of all, hopeful.
Lovely to see the cousins gather around Cassie, and that Genna made the long trip from London to stay with her.
What a tender story of family and hope. It's one of my favorite cousin stories so far. A tiny matter of personal preference: I think it would work better not to start this story with a quote. All in all, though, your writing shines, as usual.
A well-crafted, creative story that warms the heart of the believer. Beautiful.
I concluded reading with a huge lump in my throat! What a tender story of hope in the midst of pain.

I like how you wrote the story in the present tense, a skill I've yet to master.

And I like your descriptions, I could see it all. Beautiful job, Cheri
This is really good! I also learned something--some hymns and songs that I thought were quintessentially American--are not!

I was humming along in my mind through all of them--that's a nice way to get your readers to invest in your story!
I loved your descriptions, especially: the sun wraps us with tender warmth and a paper glove with toothpick bones.

An absolutely beautiful story Debs, filled with love and hope. Well done!
This story really touched me. What a wonderful family of believers. I loved how they joined together to be with Cassie during her final days on Earth. This is one of my favorite stories this week. So good.
This was beautiful and if true, a wonderful testimony of God's grace in the storm.
Well done Deb, an EC award for this great story. Super congratulations girl!!!
Congratulations on your EC, Debbie!
What a wonderful family of saints and that they would take the time to honor their cousin. "Hauntingly beautiful" is a worn cliche and yet the description fits this story. I also had a lump in my throat envisioning them walking back to the house, listening to the complete cousin choir for possibly the last time. Congratulations!
Very good. Congratulations on your EC.