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Heehee, that cousin Lu is quite a character! I loved the last lines of the last verse best of all. How true indeed! Great job. ^_^
Very fun! 12 boxes.. wow! I hope she really liked her one gift... LOL! I felt kinda bad for her.
Your title (pun) drew me in and I was well rewarded by your wit.
Fun cousin Lu!
I laughed all through this delightful, humorous poem, so creatively written.
Ha Ha! This is so entertaining. I have a "magpie" in my family, too, but she's an aunt, not a cousin. She loves TV shopping, but doesn't do thrift stores. Otherwise, she's a lot like your MC. Thanks for the chuckle. Well done.
Cute! Love the word-play in your title, and all the fun packed into these lines.
Great title! Great poem, packed with fun! I think Lu could be one of my relatives too! Blessings, Cheri
I had to smile at the size differences in the clothes for Mom -- how funny. The tire tread was hilarious -- especially knowing that it's true. :) Your underwear ending is so funny. You have such wonderful humor in this.

I had an aunt who was similar. One year she gave my daughters obviously used Barbies.

This is both entertaining and affectionate. I loved it.
Oh, I meant to mention that I loved your title.
This would be wonderful on a Christmas card! So funny and the rhymes flowed smoothly. I really liked this. It was a a unique offering for this week's topic.
This is great! Really engaging and entertaining, and a great reminder of not storing up for ourselves OR OTHERS treasured junk on this earth.
My favorite stanza:
A kitchen mop, stale lemon drops
A singing Billy Bass;
Twelve trial size containers
Of perfume of lemon grass.

This was fun and witty. I enjoyed every line of it. Well done.
Oh my, I laughed myself silly with this one. So very, very good. I particularly loved:
Across them all an inky trail.
Is that a tire tread?

Still giggling here.
Karen, yer killin me ROFL this is so perfect (and I used to have a relative just like this). My favorite of all of them:

And a suit made out of denim
Top size 16, skirt size 2.

That conjures up quite an image. Great work!