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Awesome devotional! What a great idea. Is Tzippy really her name or a typo? Wondering how to pronounce it!
What a blessing indeed! So glad that there was help and someone to explain it so the gibberish makes sense! The honest voice of this is wonderful-especially the devotional at the end. ^_^
This devotion is wonderful. Your title first caught my eye. The story with the "at 'just the right time'" message is amazing. It's so nice to know there are no "coincidences" in the life of a Christian. Excellent writing.
This well written devotional illustrates the point perfectly that God orchestrates the happenings of our lives. Thank you for that reminder.
I love stories of how God orchastrates even the most minute of details. Good story!
I really like the light voice to this very serious sounding situation. It makes me think of 'I have to laugh or I'll cry' theory. Also, love the format with question and prayer at the end. GREAT piece!
Jo, this is awesome! I love reading about how God has worked in your lives through Marc's health problems. Wow! Great writing glorifying our truly Great and Mighty God! Wow!
This is great. You really connected with me as the reader and I cannot find anything to red ink. Seriously. You know I would if I could. ;-) This one's out of the ballpark. Story. Application. Prayer. Pow!
You kept me engaged throughout, and I love the prayer at the end. So inspiring. Way to go!
This awesome deveotional is so well crafted, and it is a beautiful reminder that with God,and in God, there are no coincidences - no things that happen by chance. Every thing that happens - even each breath we take - is God at work in our lives. Well done!
What a blessing your cousin in-law was for you in a stressful time! God surely does provide.

"I have more than I can manage, but still needed more." -- Watch your tense. Here, it would read better as "still need more," keeping the paragraph wholly in the present tense.

I love the question you phrase at the end of your article, and then the prayer. A very timely reminder of God's faithfulness. Blessings, Cheri

Wonderful. I could relate to the frustrations of communicating with doctors.

I can see how this will fit nicely into a book of devotionals. Can't wait to read more.
I liked your title! When you find one of those, order one for me too.
I got a bit mixed up with the names and relationships. Perhaps you don't need to name the ones that don't pertain to this story... just your cousin Mark and your Uncle Buzzy.
Praying that you get the answers you need.
Your title is awesome, and your authenticity drew me in. An excellent devo. Well done!
Loved your title Joanne, and if you happen to find one, let us all know. Well written devotional full of honesty and hope. Loved the prayer too :-)
Joanne, I just can't WAIT to read this book! It's soooooooo good and inspiring.

I like the present tense, but I think you slipped a time or two. I understand your going into past tense at certain points when you're remembering the past, but there are a few other places that seem like they should be past but aren't.

I'm not a huge fan, usually, of devotional material--my attention span doesn't hold on to it--but they way you've written these, with fascinating anecdotes and their applications--I LOVE it.
Amazing! Isn't God wonderful? I love how he sends just the right people at the right time. What the world calls "coincidences" I call "divine intervention".

I'm enjoying these stories, and I can't wait to see them all compiled together into your book.
Joanne... How touching and exciting this must have been in the midst of your angst and confusion. God does work in strange ways, but what a great example of how He works. I want a copy of your book. This is priceless. Your writing flows so well and gives us just the right information. thanks so much.. Dianne J.
The devotional theme works and it works well in this.

Your touches of humor help soften the frustration you felt and others experience.

This was a comfort to me, and I know it would help others in a similar situation.
Your true stories are so inspiring and such great witness tools for others going through trials. Very, very nicely done. Thumbs up.
In and for all things, give thanks and praise; and I'm doing this right for for this wonderful (devotional) story. The excitement and gratitude simply shouts out from this piece...indeed God is good and we should give him thanks and praise.
This story is a perfect example of how God knows what we have need of, and provides it. Well done my faithwriter friend.
Very powerful writing, one of the best. I loved the question and prayer at the end. Excellent!
'God-instances' - what a great word. Great tie in with the story and how God does send people to us in the nick of time. I found the length of the flashbacks a little distracting. I was hoping to see more of the present, especially showing the cousin explaining what those doctorese terms were.
Joanne, as usual, exceptional work. Great pacing and I just know I'm going to wake up later tonight and try to figure out how to pronounce "Craniopharyngioma". Keep up the great work!