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Excellent! You maintained a steady rhythm and told a heroic tale! I am sure lots of mothers had similar expereinces.
WOW! This was awesome.I know nothing about poetry so I have no help there.. but it was moving and powerful! Very creative.
What a wonderful tale of bravery. We so often forget the sacrifice made by those who fought to give us freedom. Your cousin (and men like him) will remain in the hearts of many - or certainly should. Many of us had relatives or friends who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country...This story was magnificant, and so well told in poetic form. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. You are SO talented...I liked the ending, where the young man came to your cousin's house to thank them. Great climax to the story ... Helen
This is a wonderful story presented in outstanding rhythm and rhyme. A keeper!
I have to say it--wowzer. This is brilliant. To tell a story like this is amazing, but to set it to rhyme is masterful.
I'm thinking that you really didn't need the song at the beginning. This poem stands very well by itself. A beautiful story.
Beautiful. The last stanza was amazing.
This is a beautiful tribute and a touching story as well.
Masterful writing. Blessings, Cheri
Beautiful poem and incredible story
A reminder of how much we owe for our freedom. Beautifully told in rhyme. Perfect rhythm. Well done dear friend.
The last stanza of this well-crafted poem was particularly moving.

I'm not sure that the song at the beginning added much to the entry--maybe if it were playing in the background...wish we could arrange for that!
I too, especially loved the last part. Touching poem.
Wow. Is this a true story? I have a feeling that it is. I am a big fan of World War II stories, and I have great respect for all of the soldiers who sacrifice their lives during times of war.

Though I haven't served in the military myself, I can definitely appreciate this piece. Thank you for sharing it.
This is a beautifully written tribute to your cousin. What a time in our history and you've captured it well. Excellent work!
Wow! This was powerful and well-written. Brought tears to my eyes and gratitude for my freedom again.
WOW, what a story.
Your rhymes made this easy to read. Well done!
Simply wonderful! And the lyrics were great in the background-simply excellent work! ^_^
This made me cry. I applaud your brave cousin and every soldier who has ever put their life on the line for my freedom. You told this so well. It's a lovely tribute. Thank you.
I was deeply touched by this beautifully written poem.
This was so touching, and made me cry. What a beautiful tribute to our brave soldiers. Bravo my Faith Writer friend. Bravo!