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Delightful! You painted a vivid picture here and I can see it so clearly.
Such vivid descriptions put me right there at the reunion.. maybe they weren't really relatives but I sure felt like one!
I chuckled when it was revealed the cousins weren't cousins after all. Thank you for a visit through poetry to the family reunion.
Very cute! :-) I found some of the rhyming a little stilted, but it was still enjoyable. Good job!
This was so much fun to read. Love your words like "fantastical" and "Pedro Bartholomew". You hinted about this family throughout, then it was fun to find that after they'd cleaned up all the food they weren't even "cousins." Great work!
Love the dynamics of this entertaining piece. Your rhyming words were very clever and the flow was smooth for me. Well done!
Cute and fun - enjoyed the read.

This was a fun take on a family reunion! Since our family doesn't seem big enough to have one, perhaps you've given me an idea! Fun, creative poetry!
The line about the tables swaying 'neath Tupperware is a riot.
Cute story too.

The black straight hair was the all the signs.

Very cute. I enjoyed your detailed descriptions throughout. I struggled a bit with the meter in places, but that definitely didn't take away from the fun.
Very clever story! I'd almost prefer to read this in prose, as the meter faltered a bit in places, but regardless, it was very entertaining and visual.
Haha! Very funny! I could see that coming as soon as he said his name was Pedro. Good stuff. I enjoyed this a lot.
Ahhhh... reunion crashers! Very creative, especially told in rhyme and verse. I too loved the tupperware line. Blessings, Cheri
heehee! What a delightful tale! I could see this reunion going on! So many cousins and what not, I loved the second verse best of all, the ending with the second counsins who weren't really cousins, was just plain funny! Great job! ^_^
Oh my goodness! Now I know what CAN happen when you put signs all along the roads. Ha! So funny and descriptive; this is very creative, Yvonne. I love this tale.