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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I am so loving reading all these dog stories! This is very sweet. Blessings, Teri
Excellent sense of place and descriptions, and the emotion is so true and heartwrenching. Wonderful.
Oh! I loved this story. Wonderful job!
Amazingly well told story. I loved it!
This was brilliant and beautiful. One of my favorites...LOVED it.
What an awesome story. One of my favorites that I have read so far. Your ending was the best! :)
I'm partial to prairie stories and this one does not disappoint me! Your descriptive setting and characterizations of the mother, children, and the dog put me right into the story. Another favorite.
I enjoyed the authentic historical details of this article, as a family out west waited for their father to return. For a moment I was concerned the dog was ill, with those feral eyes, but what a great touch to see him feeding the family.
Nice job, Ann. I was also thinking at first that something was wrong with the dog. Well told story, as always. Well done!
Gorgeous! I felt chilled just reading this, and anxious for the family and for the dog. Great atmosphere.
Your words give us a snapshot in time. I'm so glad you hinted, I would have hated to have missed this entry.
From one dog lover to another, I was so touched by this. Soooooo tender! Great writing!!
This story is my favorite so far this week. You did a fantastic job on this piece. Well done my FaithWriter friend.
Wonderful story. The conversations were just perfect, adding to the atmosphere. I could actually hear the wind howling. At first I a bit concerned that the dog might have been a wolf.
Great job on this historical piece. Well done.
Brilliant story. Loved it
WOW...You are so GOOD! Congratulations on the 1st Place EC! Very, very well earned.
Congrats on a well deserved win, and I LOVE that its about a feral dog. Absolutely beautiful story, great with dialogue and characters... Masterful
When I read the third paragraph, about the snow, I knew why this won EC. Not a word wasted in your descriptions or conversation. Masterful. Congrats on a well-deserved 1st.
Beautifully told story, and a well-deserved 1st place! Congratulations- great job!!
Congratulations on your first place. This is so well written. Amazing descriptions. I felt like I was watching this unfold on screen. Excellent job.
Beautifully written story. Congratulations on your first place EC!
Yay Ann! A well deserving first place win.
Not much wonder you won first place with this story. Terrifffficc! It reminded me of days in my ancient past when my father (John) was away, trying to find work, and the mother and little ones scraped by on FAITH, and also, like the Elijah story, the meal and oil lasted--literally. (written in detail in my book). But, about your story, I could so picture the children crowding by the window, blowing peep holes to see out. We did that too. I could hear the howling wind...This was such a nostalgic story for me. I loved it. Congratulations! You certainly deserve it....Helen
Congratulations! Very well deserved, this definitely captured me, and it appears to have done the same to many others.