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Oh!!!! What a title!
POV is wonderful, so glad he got fed!
This was very clever. I love the opening paragraph. I kept reading to find out what in the world the critter was. At first I thought a fish, but that was quickly ruled out. Love the line about "flaunting my glorious body"! Great job. Blessings, Teri
Very cute and creative. You are good girl!
What a title! The descriptions of the turtle are great too, especially about the long neck. I think the article would have had broader appeal if instead of mentioning a Challenge entry, you simply said 'Going to write a short story about me.'
Hmmm, my word checker said 626 words. Where's that extra one the turtle's shell?
SO cute, clever, and creative. I LOVE the voice (and think I recognize it!:D) - and what a title. Fun!
"I take great pride in this neck. It is just so ummm prehistoric."

LOL! That line and a dozen others made me laugh out loud. This is hilarious! It's all about a turtle saying funny stuff, and the person feeding it is you.

Oh, and the title is the best part about it. This story rocks! :)
Ok...since everyone is picking favorite lines, here is min:
Ive been ever so lonely in here by myself. A good love story would be just what the vet ordered!

Nice take on the topic. ; )

Okay, I loved the hilarious voice. A fun entry, for sure! Well done.
A great voice, wonderfully self-absorbed. And a great tease as to the creatures identity
You truly belong in Masters, Laury! Excellent. You excelled once again!
This was a blast to read! Oh, and I LOVE the title. Hee hee. "Masterfully" written, my dear!
Sooo creative and love the humor and the voice.
Oh my...poor turtle, so misunderstood and lonely. Leave it to you, my Friend, to find inspiration in a turtle! Funny and cute. You made me laugh!
Hey, Laury, great minds...I wrote about a turtle, too.

This was very cute--who knows what goes on in a turtle's teeny brain, huh?

FYI--you wanted "faze", not "phase."

Great first entry in Masters! I loved the voice, the character and personality of the turtle was very clear through the voice!
I thought he was a fish too at first, except a fish doesn't have a neck. How clever and funny. Good job!!
I was just taking a break from homework to read an story that caught my eye. Didn't know it was yours, Auntie, until I saw your name in some comments. :-) Very fun story! I had fun figuring out what kind of animal it was, too. There were a few spots that felt a little stilted, but overall a delightful story.
I LOVE this MC. He's a hoot. This was a well written and entertaining read.
CRACKED up over this! You are way too clever for any amount of stupid words!
ROFL! Love your title! I'm still laughing from this, the cute, clever remarks fit the tone and voice just right and the ending was simply perfect! ^_^
Not sure about the title, but it did draw me in! The POV was unique. The whole time I was reading, I was thinking "Is this a turtle talking?" Very creative. Lots of turtle stories this week! [And the joke's on me if a Red Slider isn't a turtle! =)] Blessings, Cheri
What a funny, funny story! And always told well by you!
This was really cute and I loved the POV. Well done!
Now, this is creative. A story from a turtles POV. Sounds as thought Mr T has a bit of an attitude problem. Some wonderfully witty lines in this, well done. I just love the title, but it's a lie I'm afraid; not stupid at all. Very well done in fact.