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Cute and clever. If this ISN'T true, you sure made it sound so. I really enjoyed this, and your MC's voice, and Gerald is a hoot!
I've been stared down by mama geese at the park before. I know exactly what you're saying. Funny story:)
Clever and delightful--a fun read.
Great story! There were geese on campus when I was in college, but they were not agressive, thankfully. Your mention of the "fertilizer" made me think of a poem I wrote about them.
Amusing, busy article! Geese are well known for their aggressive tendencies, and this one was certainly no exception. (I don't think you needed to bold the 'huge.')
Okay--geese kind of freak me out, and after reading this, they still freak me out...but you wrote a highly entertaining, very funny story!
Loved this, it reminds me of a nasty swan I encountered once. So glad Gerald found a friend.
This is very funny. I love the voice.

I hope this story is true, 'cause I'm about to confess something. I, too, was chased by a goose while jogging in a park. But I ran straight into a muddy pond. My friend managed to tell the entire city...and no one lets me forget it.

Geese are definitely mean. Great job with the topic.
You've done a great job on this story with its little touches of humour, Very well done Alison. I loved it from start to finish.
Congratulations on placing 40th overall with this entry, Allison!