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This guy's voice is delightful! I could just hear him speaking in clipped tones, and visualize his creepy, triangular head...okay, I'll also admit that I'm TERRIFIED of praying mantisses, and this freaked me out. But it's also so good that the writing overcame the ewwwwwwww.
What a fun read! Great POV, great voice. A creatively wonderful entry. Well done!
Absolutely delightful - love the voice, the use of alliteration in the title AND throughout, and the wry humor. Fun!
Too funny! I just loved this. Charming, clever...
Clever writing. I enjoyed, especially, the alliteration and the "pet's" voice.
This is so precious and creative and fun and delightful!!
Excellent. Great characterisation, wonderful observations on human life and an apt punchline. I even learned a bit about mantes as well as a new word, pulchritudinous
I love Preying Mantis'... when I was a kid I thought they were aliens! Very fun and creative story! Loved the part about the air conditioner.
Great voice. This is a very fun and creative piece. Very well done.
A/C for a bug, who would have come up with that? You did and it was new and different.

Alfred is unforgettable, thanks for lightening my day.
Cannot believe how clever you are! This was SO enjoyable to read and incredibly well-written. Well done!
Very clever! I love the thought of a praying mantis as a pet! Well done! ^_^
I LOVE this! So creative. Love the voice and POV of "Crawly." The perfect touch of irony, sarcasm, and humor in this delightful piece. Wonderful job! Blessings, Cheri
Terrific voice and vocabulary. His "attitude" carried all the way through. [In fact, as I'm typing this comment, I'm strangely concerned that I will offend Alfred.] "Overly Excitable Mother" - LOL Well done.
This is definitely the only entry this week that I've read about a praying mantis as a pet. Clever!

Alfred was the perfect name for the character, and his speech fit him well too. This was a delightful read, and I hope it does well in the rankings, because I enjoyed it very much.

Thank you for sharing.
Such a cute story, and chock full of biological facts. I love praying mantis, they are such elegant little creatures. I found one as big as my hand on the front door the other day, and carefully introduced him to our bush. Did you know that in Asia, people tie a string to one of their legs, and pin the string inside the window. The mantis eats all the flies that get stuck in the house and land on the window.
I love your MC and the voice you gave him. This is another one of my favorites this week. Well done my friend, well done.
Congrats on your EC!!!! I'm so thrilled for you, Sheri!
Oh my, very enjoyable. I never knew that Praying Mantises (Manti?) were so eloquent. I almost thought I might have detected a hint of a British accent...
Very good, and educational. I didn't know the females were cannibals.
Congratulations on your EC.
Congrats! This topic's Anthology will be made up of all your entries! It'll be the "Sheri" Anthology.
Great voice! Very clever, and I love the "Overly Excitable Mother." COngratulations on your EC!
Congratulations on taking 7th place in your level with this piece, Sheri!
This is an awesome story. I too "heard" the English accent of the narrator, but with a hint of Dracula mixed in. Many well delivered humorous lines in this piece, I had to explain to my wife why I was laughing at the computer. Did I mention this was an awesome story?