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Wow - how awful for Patches! I had a cat once with the same name so it was hard to read your struggle. So glad it healed! good descriptions!
Oh, poor kitty! Your descriptions were extremely vivid and compelling. I definitely sympathized with this poor cat, and was ready to come after the vet with a sharp stick! Well written.
Love your title (and thanks for the definition:) Poor kitty. Enjoyed this.
Your writing with its excellent descriptions definitely evoked sympathy for poor Patches.
I liked the imagery of the cereal box licence. Conveyed well the frustration of the narrator
Wow, poor kitty and poor you! I've had my share of times with injured cats and crack vets, so I sympathize. Good story!
What an awful start! So glad she purred in the end. You told this sad and frustrating story very well.
Oh, Lynda, this broke my heart! But you wrote it with such conviction and compassion. Masterful.
Oh my! Poor patches(and you!) I'm glad that it turned out all right, that's so sad that kids would throw a cat around like that. I'm glad there is a happy ending though. ^_^
"Oh dear, poor Patches" is right. I was so touched by this story and glad it turned out ok. You had me worried. Your work is so good. Do you make house calls? I need some tutoring!
You really captured the essence of struggle with an unwilling cat. You had me cringing. Poor Patches.
I really dislike those cereal box vets too. Your patches sounds like a few of the strays we have adopted over the years. Great story.
Poor, poor Patches! But she knew you loved her, as evidenced by her seeking out your lap at the end. Humans can be like that too. If only we could learn compassion for all... Thanks for the story. Blessings, Cheri