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Very clever title. Love the "heart worm" angle! God bless, Teri
Your love of dogs (or this dog, if it is true) comes through SO clearly here - more so than any of the entries I've read so far. Love the title and the wonderful descriptions.
Aw....what a sweet story! Yes, your love and affection for Cookie shines through. Isn't it cool to see a man's "tough-guy" heart get touched by an pet like that? Love it. :-)
Aww! This was so sweet. I loved the title as well, and the story of Cookie sort of wrapped around my heart too. Excellent writing that touched all the emotions.

Your title drew me in and I'm so glad it was the good kind.

Aren't dogs great?!

Thanks for this engaging piece.
Wow! That title led me astray! LOL! So glad:) Very good story.
Delightful story. I love how your pet won your husband's heart.
I loved the initial seduction here, along with the vivid description of the biscuit-like puppy.
Aww! The title is clever and the description of this little lovable puppy is so sweet (and this is coming from a someone who is not an 'animal person') :) Great job!
I absolutely loved the line, "The pup knew her future with us depended on this moment." LOL! This was a very sweet and well told story.
Well thanks, now you've caused me to smear my mascara, and I need a tissue. I loved this. It's so true to life. This line made chuckle out loud:

Minutes later, Cookie lay contentedly at the end of our bed. All was quiet, except for an occasional grumble from Jim’s side of the bed.

I *adore* the ending, too. Both thumbs way up.
The title was clever. I thought for sure it was about a dog being diagnosed with heart worm disease.

Your dog reminded me of my 18 year old yorkie and my 16 year old Australian Shepard. It was so hard seeing them get old. I miss them both a lot.

Thank you for sharing this story.
05/26/08 sounds like my husband with our cocker spaniel. I didn't get the title until the end, but it fits! You made me fall in love with Cookie, too.
Very tender.
This was sweet and well-written. You had me interested from beginning to end.
Great transition with Jim. I found the first part of the story very engaging.
The section of the dog's life had some nice touches but seemed to bog the pacing down a little.
The conclusion was strong and connected well to the title.
Great work, I really enjoyed reading it!
Awww! So cute! I loved the 'heart worm'. Cookie is adorable, and I especially liked the bit with "What did we do when the kids were crying" ROFL! Too funny! ^_^
This was tender, precious, endearing, and any other word I can think of to describe how adorable this story was. You did a great job writing this. Well done.
Just beautiful. I loved the voice of this one. Yes, puppies can indeed be 'heart worms'.

You only made one mistake... "Minutes later, Cookie lay contentedly at the end of our bed." LOL that one move ended your freedom forever and ensured a lifetime of 'heart worm' :-)
What a tender, sweet story and so well told!! Kudos!!
This so much reminded me of a Field Spaniel named Goldie who wormed her way into a few hearts that I know. Well done.
What a touching, heart warming story! The ending was very moving, especially 'Here, let Daddy help you get up.'
This is why I never go look at puppies-I know I'd bring one home! This is such a sweet account of this puppy's good life, it made my heart smile.
Congratulations on placing 28th overall with this entry, Cheri!