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Great voice - and an extremely engaging storyline. Love the lesson at the end, too.
Wow. Thank you. This is a message I really, really needed to hear/read--especially today. I believe God put this turtle in my path--this was written for me.
I saw a bunch of different messages in this: god make good out of trials for those who love the Lord; the unseen hand of God picks you up at the crossroad and guides you into a choice for salvation.God may take you off your path and put you on His own ... a better one. What lovely Truth! Well written with just the right touch of humor. I love this turtle symbolistic ( is there such a word?)story!
What bare truth emotions you gave us.
You made me ache with the mom and then you gave me hope with your message.

Oh, I like this. Who would have thought a turtle could be such a great teacher? This held my attention from the start. Well done.
Excellent. Love the storyline and the life lessons.
This is a maravelously written story with a marvelous lesson.
Put on a different path...yes, I recognize that notion. What a message and how like God to use a turtle to bring His message to His children! Great writing. Love the ending.
ok.. crying here... how dare you meddle like that with NO warning!! ;-)

BTW... great writing! Like always!
An exceptionally beautiful piece, in a week of beautiful entries. I loved the analogy of the turtle(s) to our perceived tragedies; a picture of God's perfect love in a half shell. I can sense the emotion woven into this piece from your very heart. Excellent.
I'll not see a turtle again without thinking of the message of this story.
Thank you for writing it.
What a beautiful message! I was caught-up in the story by the opening paragraph.

"one of those aisle ladies will probably try to offer me a pecan turtle" was perfect. I was very touched by the story.
Great story! I thought the first two paragraphs were particularly engaging.

I had a little trouble following the story thread (timelines and characters introduced).

The story had a great resolve and I enjoyed reading it. Your final line was the clincher, excellent work!
Anointed piece. Loved it.
Ah, a different pet, a turtle! I was wondering how the turtle chase would fit, it, it was pretty good! I liked the ending best though. And the name "Tanis" Great job! ^_^
When I grow up as a writer.... I wanna write like you. :) This was fantastic. I especially loved how you reached in and grabbed my heart with the way you wrote this story. Wow.
Heavy indeed, but smacks with wisdom gained from living through some hard trials in life. Aren't we glad God chases us, even when He uses turtles to do it? Nice work. Blessings, Cheri
Wonderful story and masterfully written. There is so much depth to this one and I think it would make a great devotional. Great job as always :-)
You kept me guessing where this was going right to the endsuper finish. Nicely done.
Lovely story! No kidding!
The phrase "chased by turtles" makes me think 'slow and steady wins the race'. And there's a persistence to this story--the MC is going to hear her daughters out no matter how long it takes. Much to ponder here....

The only thing that made me go "huh?" was her comment about God "keeps putting turtles...", when she'd only seen 2 so far. Maybe I'm a little slower on the uptake than your MC. (sorry about the pun).

I do like your ironic title very much.
Brilliant. You touched on so many true-to-life issues here. How a victim often manages to cope with disaster and move on faster than their parent can, and how God uses these things to send us in a new direction
My favorite part of this was the lesson at the end. I also enjoyed the turtle's name - Dwighter the Biter.

It is true that sometimes our lives do take unexpected turns, but like this story explains, the important thing is that God keeps us safe through it all.
First off, it's not fair of you to use such an irresistible title. How could anyone go off and do dishes when they're drawn by a title like that? :-)

Second, this is fabulous. So beautifully written with such a great message...and you do a good job of giving the message without being preachy. Just wonderful.
You really hooked me with your mother's pain for your daughter... and I was with you all the way, even at the lesson and takeaway. Our dreams for our kids are so often the worst grief we bear when we have to let go of them.. the turtle had a lesson and God didn't give up. Great Jan... Bravo!
Congratulations on taking 11th place in your level with this piece, Jan!
And you placed 18th overall. Awesome!