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I love seeing "both sides" of this conversation - and I am DEFINITELY looking forward to seeing the picture. Nicely done.
Love this ! And, oh the suspense of seeing the picture. How clever!
Now I'm curious, and waiting impatiently to see the picture. Chuckling here.
This is an intriguing little story.
Where's the line for the picture? Oh, I am...waiting...Wednesday seems a long way away. Funny and clever! (I have a guess what I might see.)
Clever use of formatting for emphasis and ease of identification.
Very cute and clever...I believe I know the picture you are referring to. I loved the "flash-box" line, and calling them bad humans...LOL!
Love the title, love the voice. Can't wait to see the picture. This was fun to read!
Can't wait. This was much fun. Your limited use of words adds to the suspense.
Very creative. Will be watching for the picture.
Oh, Ruth--I know I already commented, but I just had to come back after seeing that picture. Funniest. Picture. Ever! And you've voiced that cat perfectly. Oh, my.
Ditto what Jan said...LOVE the picture!
Very cute and funny. Love the picture.
ROFL! I love this, especially since I saw the picture. Wonderful job, the humor in here fits a cat just right! ^_^
Love, love the voice. I am not a cat person, but you've got the cat voice/personality nailed in this piece. And love the picture, too. Great job with the topic.
I laughed myself silly over that picture! What a wonderful addition to a wonderful story!!! Kudos many times over!!
You certainly managed to get inside that cat's mind! This story was hilarious. (not to mention the photo.) And cat's do get embarrassed like that. My first cat got a rubber tube stuck around her midriff, and slunk to me like a dog with a tail between her legs to ask that I remove it.
This was just tooo tooo funny. Love the voice of this and the picture you put on the boards. This was great!
I hadn't read this until after I saw the picture. Oh my goodness Ruth, you have the cat's voice absolutely perfect. I just loved the camera sequence followed by
"Bad human! Bad!
AGH! Bright light! I cant see!"
Too too funny. This is just wonderful!

This was great fun, and I could feel that poor kitty's many emotions.